Managing Stress and Anxiety related to COVID-19

As Bob Dylan once said; “Times, they are a-changin’”. With respect to the novel coronavirus-19 (COVID-19), the situation in Canada and around the globe is changing rapidly and aggressively. As part of the first responder network, Emergency Departments (ED) and it’s health care teams are in a powerful position to mobilize and act fast to respond to the pandemic. First-line […]

Introduction to Environmental Wellness

It’s hard to believe that EMOttawa and CAEP (Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians) are hosting the 4th annual Canadian Emergency Medicine Wellness Week (January 20th to 24th 2020)! Over the years, we’ve published blog posts from EM leaders across the country sharing personal stories and practical tips on how to be well in Emergency Medicine. Last year, based on the […]

Wellness Week – closing thoughts

In 2018, CAEP endorsed the creation of a Wellness Committee, led by Drs. Roderick Lim (chair), Sara Gray (vice-chair), Louise Rang (communications), Lisa Fischer (secretary), Jada Fitzpatrick (resident representative). To conclude the Canadian EM Wellness Week, the executive of the committee has put together some reflections on the importance of addressing Wellness in Emergency Medicine on a national level, as […]

Sandwich Generation – an interview with Ken Milne and nutritional advice

Today, we’re fortunate enough to be joined by Dr. Ken Milne, also known as BATDOC, from the Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine Ken has an impressive social media reach, and has managed to become a successful emergency medicine clinician, researcher, an internationally known podcaster and champion of evidence based medicine, all the while having a busy, fulfilling personal life. As […]

Canadian Emergency Medicine Wellness Week!

We’re back! Move aside John Snow, winter has arrived. The ED’s are crowded, influenza droplets permeate the air, and many of us are still recovering from the working blitz that is required of us during the holiday season (24/7/365 after all). We are feeling the drain!!! January 28th to February 3rd is the 3rd Canadian EM Wellness Week! Over the next […]

How to diagnose your own wellness?

The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa has a clear dedication to wellness, demonstrated by the creation of a Director of Wellness position for our academic group. Although the learning curve has been steep, one thing has quickly become clear: wellness is a vague concept, hard to define and is even harder to measure. How can one […]

Welcome to EM Ottawa’s Wellness Week!

In January 2017, a group of residents at CAEP and ACEP put together an Emergency Medicine (EM) Wellness week. We think this was a fantastic initiative that covered the importance of physical and spiritual health, and how to stay well in our challenging working environment. We would like to continue in this direction and strongly support the creation of a […]