Hypothermia Part 2: Prognostication and Protocols

Here we present part two on our series on hypothermia. For more on the assessment, resuscitation, and management of the hypothermic patient, see part one. Prognostication of cardiac arrest in hypothermia Indicators of cardiac arrest before cooling (Brown 2012) Major trauma Witnessed normothermic arrest Avalanche burial <35 min Patients with primary hypothermia and cardiac stability who have been treated with […]

Hypothermia: Keeping your cool when it gets cold

Hypothermia results in slightly over one hundred deaths per year in Canada; typically as a result of primary hypothermia, frostbite and other cold exposure injuries (Toronto Public Health, 2014). In the United States, this is estimated at 1500 deaths annually (Baumgartner 2008). Both are likely underestimates of the scope of illness, as it only represents patients brought to a hospital, […]