Protocol for lung ultrasound in COVID-19 patients

Lung PoCUS can rapidly diagnose the underlying etiology at the bedside of the acutely dyspneic patient. Lung PoCUS has excellent test characteristics for the diagnosis of pulmonary edema, pneumothorax and pleural effusions allowing the treating physician to rapidly start appropriate therapies. During the COVID19 pandemic PoCUS has other potential advantages of decreasing the need to transport a patient to further […]

The New and Old of Cancer Emergencies

The management of cancer is drastically changing, with many novel medications and therapies emerging. As our approach to malignancy changes, there are a host of new complications that we need to be aware of in the Emergency Department (ED). Traditionally, cancer treatment has involved both Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy: Chemotherapy: Targets various steps of cell proliferation, such as DNA formation/function or […]