Ottawa Handbook of Emergency Medicine
Ottawa Handbook of Emergency Medicine
We are excited to introduce the fourth edition of The Ottawa Handbook of Emergency Medicine. Peer-reviewed and is designed to help learners succeed in their emergency medicine rotation. This easy to access text provides concise summaries to common emergency presentations. This edition comes in a pocketbook size so that it’s printable, accessible on your phone and easy to use on-shift.

Highlights of the fourth edition include: acid-base disorders, approach to red eye, thyroid emergencies, vaginal bleeding, pericarditis and myocarditis, and monoarthritis.


Authors and Editors:
Dr. Omar Anjum, Dr. Rebecca Seliga, Dr. Tayler Young, Dr. Kaitlin Endres, and Dr. Shahbaz Syed
4th Ed. Staff Contributors:
Dr. Jim Yang, Dr. Sarah Addleman, Dr. Michael Ho, Dr. Jennifer Leppard, and Dr. Matthew Lipinski