Journal Club Summary 

Methodology: 3/5                      
Usefulness: 3/5
Stengel D, Ottersbach C, Matthes G, Weigeldt M, Grundei S, Rademacher G, Tittel A, Mutze S, Ekkernkamp A, Frank M, Schmucker U, Seifert J.
CMAJ. 2012 May 15;184(8):869-76.
In this study by Stengel et al., the initial pan-scan findings of 1000 consecutive blunt trauma patients were evaluated and compared to the results of a synopsis of hospital charts, subsequent imaging and interventional procedures. They identified that the initial pan-scan sensitivity and specificity for identifying injuries in different body parts ranged from 79.6 to 86.2%, and 97.5 to 99.1%, respectively. Journal Club participants noted that blinding was not explicitly stated and that using a chart review as the comparative gold standard was practical, but not ideal. Participants agreed that their practice would not change as a result of this research given the relatively conservative use of trauma pan-scans at our centre. 
By: Dr. Warren Cheung