Journal Club Summary obese

Methodology: 3.5/5                 

Usefulness: 4/5
Ramachandran SK, Cosnowski A, Shanks A, Turner CR. J Clin Anesth. 2010 May;22(3):164-8.
This RCT of 30 obese adult male patients receiving either 5L of O2 via NP or no O2 during simulated difficult intubation prior to elective surgery found the time to desaturation below an SpO2 of 95% as well as lowest O2 saturation reached were improved in the intervention arm compared to the control arm. JC attendees generally felt this study to be useful as the increase in time before desaturation during difficult intubation (approximately 2 minutes longer in the intervention arm) was felt to be clinically significant. The small study size was felt to be a weakness of this paper as was the lack of confidence intervals in the presentation of their data. 
By: Dr. Sameer Vakani