Journal Club Summary

Methodology: 4/5
Usefulness: 3/5

Andolfatto G, Abu-Laban RB, Zed PJ, Staniforth SM, Stackhouse S, Moadebi S, Willman E.
Ann Emerg Med. 2012 Jun;59(6):504-12.e1-2.
This double-blind, randomized trial found that Ketofol does not reduce the number of adverse respiratory events when compared to propofol alone and that efficacy of sedation and patient and physician satisfaction were similar between the groups.  The group agreed that the trial had sound methodology; but would not influence the group to change practice to use Ketofol for procedural sedation. 
By: Dr. Erin O’Connor
(Presented December 2012)

Epi Lesson:

This RCT provided a nice example of testing the adequacy of treatment blinding. All clinical personnel were asked to indicate which treatment they thought their patient had received. If the guesses are correct <50% of the time, this reassures the reader that the blinding was successful. 
By: Dr. Lisa Calder