Journal Club Summary CPR

Methodology: 3.5/5       
Usefulness: 4/5
Hüpfl M, Selig HF, Nagele P.
Lancet. 2010 Nov 6;376(9752):1552-7.
This meta-analysis evaluated if dispatcher-assisted chest compression-only CPR was superior to standard CPR for citizen bystanders in out-of hospital cardiac arrest and found that chest compression only CPR had a significantly increased survival in the primary analysis of 3 randomized controlled trials (ARR 2.4%, NNT 41) but no difference based on 7 observational trials. JC attendees noted that “hands only CPR” is now being widely taught to citizens, but more research is needed to determine what type of CPR trained professionals should do if treating cardiac arrest in the community. 
By: Dr. Brandon Ritcey
(Presented February 2013)

Epi Lesson

Reporting Standards for Systematic Reviews
The PRISMA statement ( was developed to establish preferred reporting guidelines for systematic reviews and meta-analyses and includes a 27-item checklist and four-phase flow diagram. Observational studies are considered a lower level of evidence for interventions and have had two sets of guidelines developed: MOOSE (Meta-analysis Of Observational Studies in Epidemiology) and STROBE (STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology). 
By: Dr. Ian Stiell