Journal Club Summary

Methodology: n/a (concept paper)
Usefulness: 4/5
Beeson MS, Warrington S, Bradford-Saffles A, Hart D.  J Emerg Med 2014;47(4):441–52.
In this concept paper, the authors propose that Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) can be broken down into component knowledge, skills and attitudes that are mapped to competency milestones and proficiency levels. They argue that EPAs are units of practice that faculty and residents can more easily understand and therefore assess. While the authors describe the spectrum of emergency medicine EPAs based on clinical presentation (e.g. altered mental status), JC attendees felt these EPAs should instead be based on distinct aspects of emergency care practice (e.g. critical care resuscitation, transfer of care, patient discharge).
By: Dr. Warren Cheung (Presented May 2015)