Methodology: 4/5
Usefulness: 3.5/5

Kortekangas T, et al. BMJ. 2019 Jan 23;364:k5432

Question and Methods: This is a pragmatic, randomized, controlled trial to determine if 3 weeks of immobilization (in cast or orthosis) is non-inferior to usual treatment (6 weeks cast immobilization) for stable Weber B ankle fractures

Findings: Immobilization for 3 weeks with a cast or orthotic is NOT inferior to usual care in terms of OMA scores of ankle function at 1 year. 3-week orthotics showed significant improvement in range of motion and lower rates of DVTs.

Limitations: Patient factors that can influence fracture healing were not considered

Interpretation: 3 weeks of immobilization by cast or a simple orthotic for stable Weber B ankle fractures is no worse than traditional care

By: Dr. Erica Lee


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