The uOttawa PoCUS Infographic Project is a student-led initiative developed by two University of Ottawa medical students, Caleb Sypkes and Celina DeBiasio, under the expertise of Dr. Michael Woo

While PoCUS is a critical skill to develop, it can be difficult for learners to efficiently apply their skills in a fast-paced clinical setting. These bilingual PoCUS infographics were created as an accessible and easy-to-use reference tool which quickly highlights the key elements of a variety of scans, including important steps and findings.  

A team of medical students worked with Emergency Medicine staff and resident physicians to ensure each infographic was effectively designed and medically accurate. Three infographics have been completed to date, with plans to expand the collection in the future. 

Abdominal Aorta PoCUS



Authors: Matthieu McKinnon, James-Jules Linton
Translators: James-Jules Linton
Designers: Laura Nguyen, Matthieu McKinnon
Project Supervisors: Dr. Rajiv Thavanathan, Dr. Hétoum Misirliyan, Dr. Brandon Ritcey 





Authors: Melissa Reed, Rahul Mor
Translators: Elger Baraku
Designers: Laura Nguyen, Elger Baraku
Project Supervisors: Dr. Hétoum Misirliyan, Dr. Brandon Ritcey, Dr. Rajiv Thavanathan 


Cardiac PoCUS



Authors: Matthieu McKinnon, Jordan Merkas
Translators: Jordan Merkas, Nick Sahlollbey
Designers: Nick Sahlollbey
Project Supervisors: Dr. Brandon Ritcey, Dr. Hétoum Misirliyan, Dr. Rajiv Thavanathan 



  • Celina DeBasio

    Celina is a medical student at the University of Ottawa with an interest in Emergency Medicine, ultrasound and is a board member for the Federation of Medical Women of Canada.

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  • CSypkes

    Caleb Sypkes is a medical student at the University of Ottawa, with an interest in Emergency Medicine and ultrasound, and is a Global Health Education Committee Members for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students.

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  • Michael Woo

    Dr. Michael Woo is the Research Program Director for Point-of-care Ultrasonography Emergency Medicine and Lead for Undergraduate Medical Education - Point-of-care Ultrasonography. He is a Full Professor at the University of Ottawa.

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