1 Million views! Holy smokes. 

It feels like just yesterday (September 2017 to be more accurate) that we set up the EMOttawa Blog here, with the goal of spreading Digital Scholarship and Knowledge Dissemination in the spirit of #FOAMed, with some of the incredible local content that we have to share. 

From all of us here at EMOttawa, we wanted to take a moment to thank you – the reader – for joining us on this journey! Your comments, tweets, emails and messages have kept us inspired to continue bringing you high-yield #FOAMed content, and to continue to expand and push the borders of Digital Scholarship.

We’re pretty proud of the work that we do here at the EMOttawa Blog, and since we’re celebrating 1 million page views, we thought we’d highlight some of the content we’re the most proud of: 

EMOttawa Podcast

The EMOttawa Podcast is hosted by Dr. Rajiv Thavanathan and Dr. Tiffany Lam. With an incredible blend of entertainment and high-yield content, they enhance the knowledge dissemination of topics relevant to EM providers working in any practice environment – this podcast will be sure to influence your practice!

Ottawa Handbook of Emergency Medicine

The Ottawa Handbook of Emergency Medicineis a peer-reviewed resource designed to help you succeed in the Emergency Department. Developed for clerkship students, junior residents, off-service learners, nurses, paramedics and any other interested allied health professionals, this resource provides concise summaries to common emergency presentations. We are happy to publish the third edition with new and improved content! This edition comes with a new pocketbook size so that it’s printable and easy to use on-shift. Highlights of the third edition include: new sections on head trauma, seizures, wound management, end-of-life care, psychiatric emergencies, approach to the chest x-ray and ECG and updated sections on stroke, TIA, DVT and PE.

Point-of-Care Echocardiography

In non-emergency medicine literature, cardiac Point-of-Care Ultrasound is termed “focused cardiac ultrasound” or “FoCUS,” and has been the subject of national cardiology and intensive care guidelines. It is used by emergency medicine, trauma, internal medicine, cardiology, and intensive care teams to facilitate early diagnosis, guide management, and safe disposition for patients.

Here, we present a robust, peer-reviewed approach to Point-of-Care echocardiography for the front-line clinician.

Grand Round Summaries 

Every week our residents do an incredible job of presenting grand rounds to our department on a variety of Emergency Medicine topics. See their summaries for some excellent up-to-date, practice influencing content. 


Infographics have been shown to help enhance knowledge dissemination from the primary literature, so help promote knowledge dissemination of the primary literature through our infographics corner


The ultrasound group at the Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Ottawa is very involved in knowledge dissemination, check out our ultrasound corner for PoCUS specific content! 

Journal Club

With an expert team of methodologists – we breakdown and appraise some of the latest and most important primary literature in Emergency Medicine. 




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    Dr. Rosenberg is an emergency physician at the Ottawa Hospital, assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, and Director of the Digital Scholarship and Knowledge Dissemination Program.

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