Methodology: 4/5
Usefulness: 2/5

Desjardins MP, et al. CJEM. 2021 Sep;23(5):655-662. doi: 10.1007/s43678-021-00130-x. Epub 2021 May 26.

Question and Methods: This double-blinded RCT compares analgesic efficacy of oral sucrose versus placebo in bladder catheterization among infants aged 1 to 3 months.
Findings: 83 participants (41 sucrose, 42 placebo) completed the study, with no significant differences found in either primary (FLACC pain score, p=0.12) nor secondary outcomes (NIPS pain score, heart rate variability, side effects).
Limitations: There are no validated pain measurement tools in the study population. The sample size was relatively small with large confidence intervals.

Interpretation: This study is in line with current practices of using oral sucrose for procedural analgesia only in the validated population of infants under 1 month of age

By: Dr. Eusang Ahn