The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa is seeking an energetic clinician educator for the role of Vice-Chair, Education, to lead our innovative portfolio of education programs. This highly-valued senior leader role works closely with the Department Head and Academic Chair to coordinate the varied teaching activities of the Department and ensures that the Department provides the best training possible for learners of all levels. The Vice-Chair, Education is integral in achieving the departmental vision of world-class emergency medicine through our mission to provide outstanding compassionate emergency care through practice-changing research and innovative medication education. More details about this role, including term and stipend amount, can be found in the role description below.

EDI Statement: The Ottawa Hospital Emergency Physicians Associates recognizes that bias and discrimination are barriers to the equitable treatment of individuals and groups in our society. Fostering an environment of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our people, perspectives, policies, and programs will help to achieve our mission. We are committed to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of faculty, learner and administrative members who respect and reflect the diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds of Canada’s population. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where our team feels empowered to bring their whole self to work every day.

Required qualification: CPSO independent practitioner; member of the CMPA; qualified in emergency medicine as either FRCP (Emergency Medicine) or CCFP (EM); a passion for medical education, preferably at the Masters level; and a faculty appointment with the University of Ottawa or another Canadian university, preferably at the rank of Associate or Full Professor. Prior experience as a Program Director for medical students, residents, or fellows is preferred.

To apply: Please submit the following items to by 5pm on February 14,2022:

  • A one-page letter describing your interest in the role and qualification for this leadership position, including experience in administrative roles.
  • Your current CV.

Please see Role Description below:

Reporting Structure:

Reports directly to the Head and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM).

Objectives of the position:

  • The objective of this position is to ensure that DEM effectively pursues a vision for its educational mission, developing great teachers, impactful scholarly educators, and innovative programs.
  • Oversee and support the academic mission of the DEM. This position works in collaboration with the Vice Chair, Research and Scholarship.


  1. Oversee the educational academic mission of the DEM, articulating a vision for academic activities, developing strategy, and executing on plans.
  2. Supervise, support, promote, nurture, and develop the educational leaders in the DEM, across the continuum of medical education from undergraduate medical education to residency, continuous professional development, faculty development, and beyond.
  3. Conduct annual reviews of DEM educational portfolios (e.g. Program Directors).
  4. Oversee and coordinate the activities of DEM clinician-educators.
  5. In collaboration with educators & researchers, develop & publish educational scholarship.
  6. Supervise and facilitate Medical Education (meded) innovations & scholarship of other educators, teachers, and trainees.
  7. Support the development of impactful continuous professional development and faculty development for the DEM, based on the needs of the group.
  8. Support DEM members’ academic careers and promotion through coaching.
  9. Ensure DEM academic activities are accomplished, including but not limited to: Grand Rounds, visiting professors, DEM conferences, DEM Fellowships, the Emergency Medicine (EM) Clerkship, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada-Emergency Medicine (RCPSC-EM) Residency, Canadian College of Family Physicians – Emergency Medicine (CCFP-EM) Residency, Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) training, Off-Service Resident Education, Undergrad electives, and Simulation.
  10. Ensure an appropriate system of academic assessment of learners.
  11. Ensure an appropriate system of assessment of DEM teachers, including coaching teachers in difficulty.
  12. Support the accreditation of DEM educational programs.
  13. Liaise with the Faculty of Medicine with respect to the educational mission, including but not limited to the Department of Innovation in Medical Education.
  14. Contribute to the regular Ottawa MedEd journal club.
  15. Oversee the scheduling of trainees in the DEM.
  16. Ensure appropriate integration of equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) principles in educational programs.
  17. Liaise with TOH senior leadership with respect to DEM education.
  18. Advise the DEM and the Partnership of The Ottawa Hospital Emergency Physicians Associates on educational matters.
  19. Advise the department in academic matters that intersect with regional hospitals.

Committee(s) (with position) associated with this role:

  • Education Committee (Chair)
  • Residency Program Committee (Member)
  • Academic Executive Committee (Member)
  • Academic Finance Management Committee (Member)
  • Continuing Professional Development & Faculty Development Committee (Member)
  • Emergency Physicians Associates Executive Committee (Member)
  • Departmental Teaching Personnel Committee (Member)
  • Academic Grants Committee (Member)
  • DEM Awards and Grad Dinner Committee (Co-Chair)
  • Scholarship Points Program Workgroup (Member)
  • Teaching Compensation Workgroup (Chair)
  • DEM Fellowship Committee (Chair)
  • Scheduling Committee (ex-officio member)
  • Partner Review Committee (ex-officio member)
  • DEM Clinician-Educator Group (sponsor, co-chair)
  • TOHEPA Advancement Committee (Member)

Teaching Compensation Program Threshold:

The following are eligible for compensation: Academic Days and learner teaching.

The following are not eligible for compensation:

  • Two faculty development sessions per year
  • Supervision of resident research projects

Scholarship Points Program Threshold:

  • No threshold

Term of position:

Five years, renewable once, at the discretion of the Chair.

Performance review:

Periodic reviews will be performed by the Academic Chair.
The DEM review committee will conduct a formal review after the first 5-year term and deliver findings to the Chair.


Stipend is $60,000 per year; stipend is paid out in 12 monthly payments.

















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