Methodology: 3/5
Usefulness: 1.5/5

Le Cornec C, e al. JAMA Netw Open. 2024 Jan 2;7(1):e2352844. 

Question and Methods: This was a multicenter, single-blind, noninferiority RCT, to assess the noninferiority of intravenous ketamine vs intravenous morphine for pain relief in adults with out-of-hospital traumatic pain.
Findings: In this RCT including 251 patients, the ketamine group had a mean pain score change of -3.7 vs. -3.8 in the morphine group, meeting noninferiority criteria.
Limitations: The applicability of this study to Canadian-based EMS systems is limited and the single blind design may have introduced performance bias.

Interpretation: This study does not support use of IV ketamine for prehospital traumatic pain control in the Canadian setting.

by Dr. Camille Dagenais

JC Supervisor: Dr. Ian Stiell