#Blessed: Gratitude check

At the beginning of every New Year, many people express their gratitude for those who have positively impacted them in the past year. However, just like New Year’s resolutions, these emotions of gratitude quickly seem to fade. As January moves forward we tend to increasingly focus on the challenges that flu season and hospital crowding brings to our workplace. Instead […]

How to diagnose your own wellness?

The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa has a clear dedication to wellness, demonstrated by the creation of a Director of Wellness position for our academic group. Although the learning curve has been steep, one thing has quickly become clear: wellness is a vague concept, hard to define and is even harder to measure. How can one […]

Welcome to EM Ottawa’s Wellness Week!

In January 2017, a group of residents at CAEP and ACEP put together an Emergency Medicine (EM) Wellness week. We think this was a fantastic initiative that covered the importance of physical and spiritual health, and how to stay well in our challenging working environment. We would like to continue in this direction and strongly support the creation of a […]

Validation of the Ottawa SAH Rule

Dr. Perry and Colleagues have previously derived and validated the Ottawa SAH rule for patients with suspected subarachnoid hemorrhage, here we present the multicenter prospective validation of the rule1, with some insight on the rule from Dr. Perry himself! Note that the infographic included within this post is printable for use as a teaching tool in the Emergency Department. Background […]

Oh Me Nerves! A Neurology Medley

Here we seek to review relatively common neurology presentations and some controversies surrounding their management. See our other ED-Neurology Reviews here including migraine therapies and stroke evidence.  To include Myasthenia Gravis, Guillian Barre Syndrome, and Multiple Sclerosis in the ED. For each we will review: A brief overview of pathophysiology Clinical presentation and work-up Important management considerations for the ED […]

The ABCDE’s of Quality Improvement

What is Quality Improvement (QI)? You have all heard the latest buzzword in healthcare: “quality improvement”, or QI. Yet many healthcare professionals still only have a vague idea of what that truly means, and likely an even poorer understanding of how it might apply to their frontline practice. Conceptually, QI can be defined as the “combined and unceasing efforts of […]