Methodology: 1.5/5
Usefulness: 1.5/5

Loke DE, et al. CJEM. 2022 Mar;24(2):206-213.

Question and Methods: Trying to quantify gender disparities in CT turnaround time and ED LOS and determine if intervention in the form of protocolized point-of -care pregnancy testing would eliminate the disparity.
Findings: Pre intervention women of childbearing age had 18 min longer CT turnaround time and 27 min longer ED LOS than men of similar age.
Intensive intervention: Women had 15 min longer CT turn around but their 10 min longer ED LOS was not statistically significant.
Post-intervention: Women had 17 min longer CT turn around and 6 min longer ED LOS.

  • Did not compare emergency severity index, presenting complaint of type of CT between the groups
  • Did not control for seasonal changes in volume and staffing
  • Did not obtain data from women >50 to assess for etiology of gender disparities other than pregnancy testing delays
  • Single center

Interpretation: Confirms that gender disparities in CT turn around time and ED LOS were present in the ED, is it present in ours? More sustainable pregnancy testing prior to image is needed.

Dr. Julie Ingratta

JC Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Perry



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