Methodology: 2/5
Usefulness: 2/5

Jansen JO, et al. JAMA. 2023 Oct 12:e2320850. 

Editorial: Contemporary Adjuncts to Hemorrhage Control.

Question and Methods: Multi-center pragmatic Bayesian RCT comparing 90d all-cause mortality and 10 secondary outcomes in trauma patients with hemorrhage receiving REBOA + standard of care vs. standard of care alone
Findings: At 90d, 54% of patients in the REBOA group had experienced all-cause mortality vs. 42% of patients in the standard care group (OR 1.58 [95% credible interval, 0.72-3.52])
Limitations: Trial stopped early due to evidence of harm in REBOA group, no standardization of REBOA equipment manufacturer or size, low overall number of REBOA deployments (19) over the 4.5 yr study period.

Interpretation: In low-volume trauma centers, exsanguinating trauma patients should receive standard of care, rather than REBOA. We cannot wholly discredit the utility of REBOA based on this single RCT.

By: Dr. Thariq Badiudeen

JC Supervisor: Dr. Venkatesh Thiruganasmabandamoorthy