Focus on POCUS: Heartbreaker. Cardiac Echo in the ED.

For other ultrasound focused cases please see our Ultrasound Archives.  A woman in her 60’s presents to the emergency department on her 7th post-operative day feeling nauseous, vomiting, weak and dizzy. She has just recently underwent a open left hemi-colectomy, end-colostomy formation for recurrent diverticulitis. . Her past medical history is only significant for type 2 diabetes, and her only […]

Focus on POCUS: Palpitations and Dyspnea Post-AVR

A female in her 20’s presents to the emergency department 15 days after major cardiac surgery to repair a congenital aortic valve defect. Her chief complaint is palpitations and shortness of breath, which have been constant and ongoing for the last 4 days. She has no PND or orthopnea, no calf swelling, or history of DVT/PE. She has no past […]