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    Dr. Seliga is a resident physician in Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa. She has special interests in Inner City Health and Addiction Medicine.

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Buprenorphine ED initiation algorithm
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Buprenorphine: A guide for ED providers

The opioid epidemic is not new to ED providers, but many will be shocked to learn about the true extent of the harm caused by opioids in Canada.  In the first ... Read more.
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Cardiovascular risk in Transgender and Gender Diverse Persons

Clinical case: You are working an urgent care shift and your next patient to see is Jessica, a 35 yo female with an upper extremity injury. The one-liner on the... Read more.
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Venous Thromboembolism in Transgender & Gender Diverse (TGD) Persons

You are working an urgent care shift and you access your ED electronic track-board to pick up the next patient waiting to be seen: You assign yourself to patien... Read more.