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    Dr. Lucy Karp is a junior editor for the EMOttawa Blog, and is a FRCPC resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine, at the University of Ottawa.

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Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T Among Patients With Known Coronary Artery Disease

Methodology: 3/5 Usefulness: 2/5 Ashburn NP, et al. JAMA Cardiol. 2023 Apr 1;8(4):347-356.  Editorial: Critical Appraisal of the Negative Predictive Performanc... Read more.
waiting experience
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Psychology and Science of Waiting

Preamble: This Grand Rounds was inspired in part by a conversation I had with Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak during my time at St. Michael’s Hospital where we discuss... Read more.
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Managing Complications of Acute Stroke Therapy

Acute stroke care is integrated into emergency medicine in many emergency departments across Canada. Whether you are involved in acute stroke care through consu... Read more.
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Patient Safety in the ED

What is patient safety? Patient safety is a discipline developed in response to the rise in hospital adverse events over the years. Aims to take lessons learned... Read more.
sexual and gender minorities
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Recommendations for Education about Sexual and Gender Minorities within Canadian Residency Programs

At CAEP 2021, the SLGBTQIA + panel identified perceived or real barriers to the inclusion of sexual and gender minority content in Emergency Medicine residenc... Read more.
pericarditis and myocarditis
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Pericarditis and Myocarditis in the ED

Chest pain is one of the most common presentations to the emergency department (ED) and includes a wide differential diagnosis. In today’s post, we will revie... Read more.
bariatric surgery
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Bariatric Surgery Complications in the ED

As emergency physicians, we frequently see patient with metabolic syndromes and obesity. Globally, a significant rise in obesity has been observed over the las... Read more.
shoulder dislocations
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Shouldering the load: Shoulder dislocations in the ED

Shoulder dislocations are the most common large joint dislocation encountered by emergency physicians. Given their incidence in the emergency department, managi... Read more.